I'm a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Tel-Aviv. 
I've found it hard to define exactly what my main focus is, but as I progressed 
with building this portfolio I realized that I'm all about having fun!
I do projects that cover the range from character animation, through branding and typography
all the way to UX/UI design

As long as it's fun, challenging and interesting - I'm willing to be a part of it!

I've graduated with honors in 2009 from one of Israel's top art schools, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
Since then I've gained experience as a designer and animator in a branding studio,
delved into the tech/start-ups world as a co-founder of a highly acclaimed start-up company 
and a partner in two other startups. Inbetween I did lots of freelance projects, mostly in the animation field.

Besides that I sing and play guitar here and addicted to this.